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Puppy Program

$75 for 1h Lessons x6

Puppy: This course applies to puppies 12 weeks up to 5 months old. This is a great introduction class that focuses on creating a strong bond while teaching you proper communication with your dog. This class will also help minimize possible problem behaviors with early correction. Cues: Sit, Down, Come when called for, Heel, and Place. Loose leash walking will be
implemented. AKC Star Puppy Include with this package.

Puppy Head start program $350

Our puppy head start program is for puppies 12 weeks to 5 months old. This 2 week program is a great way to introduce your pup to all the basics such as: potty training, crate training, socialization, and all basic obedience on a puppy level. This program does not give you a “finished dog” however, it does create a solid foundation for your pup to continue on the right track to achieve maximum results!

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