Private Sessions

We train all breeds and all ages.

Basic Private Lesson Dog Training- $75 a lesson

Basic Private Lessons at our facility $65

Advance Private Lesson Dog Training- $100 (off leash training )

Advance Private Lesson at our facility $95

With Private Lessons, we come to your home once per week for about an hour. Private lesson dog training is a great way to get the training for your dog that you want as long as you have the time to spend with the dog to accomplish your goals. In each lesson we review the skills from the previous lesson and teach a new skill for the following week. With private lessons we teach you how to train and work with your own dog. We will teach you how to successfully take your dog through all three phases of training to ensure that you have a reliable, well-rounded dog.

Basic Training Tools are required with our advanced private session packages. Our off-leash private lessons will require E-Collar remote training collar that you can purchase at a discounted rate from my store these user-friendly collars have been a staple of our training programs and are designed to get results.

If group settings create an anxious environment for either you or your dog, no worries! Take
advantage of our private sessions that we offer from the comforts of your own home. With
one-on-one based sessions, you gain the same knowledge as you would in a group class
without outside distractions. The private lesson program consists of 6 – 1 hour sessions held
one day per week. During each session with our guidance, you will learn how to train and work
your own dog. By giving you as the owner this access, it builds a stronger bond allowing training to continue seamlessly even after sessions are complete. The key to a well trained dog is that the training continues. There will be a review of the previous week’s tasks before incorporating a new task for the current week. By doing this, it allows us to perfect the initial skill while adding new challenging tasks each week. Just as stated in group sessions, basic and advanced courses are available in private. Basic training tools will be included with both private programs. With the advanced off-leash program, a Dogtra or E-Collar Tech remote training collar will be included with your course fee. Dogtra and E-Collar Tech collars are user friendly and designed to maximize results.

West Virginia Dog Training.

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