Group Obediance

Rockhouse K9 offers a wide variety of group oriented classes that appeal from advanced to even the least experienced handlers, by providing knowledge and hands-on training techniques that aid in building a solid obedience foundation from puppy to adult stages that are proven to strengthen the bond and confidence of both dog and owner individually and as a team. Group classes are an excellent choice for owners looking for a way to have fun and be active with their dog.Classes that offered are categorized based off of age and current experience. The courses consist of puppy, basic obedience, and advanced obedience.

Basic Group Obedience Class $150 (6 weeks) Ages 8 weeks-Adult

Beginner: The beginner course is an introductory class for dogs 6  months and older. This class will teach basic manners by implementing impulse control and relationship-building exercises. During this course, you and your dog will acquire skills to manage and redirect established problem behaviors. Cues: Sit,Down,Come when called, Heel, and Place. Loose leash walking will be implemented in this course.
Training tools: 4' or 6' leash and proper flat collar.

Advanced Obedience Group Class $150 (7 weeks) Ages 6 Months – Adult

Advanced: The advanced course is for dogs who have completed puppy/beginner classes.During the advanced course, basic cues and knowledge obtained in the puppy and beginner classes will be utilized with the dog being off leash while advancing distances, duration, and distractions. Cues: Sit, Down,Come when called, Heel and Place.

Training tools: E-collar is recommended but not required.

Unlike individual classes, group classes also help provide socialization skills by generating exposure to outside distractions, such as people and other animals. Supervised interactions in a controlled setting, such as a group class, allow both dog and handler to set safe and healthy social boundaries during public encounters. All courses will be held weekly for approximately an hour on select dates and times based on course selection. Group courses are set on a 6 week schedule unless specified differently.

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