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Board And Train


The Board and Train program is a great opportunity for your pup to be engrossed in around the clock training over the course of 2-4 weeks learning rules, structure, and obedience that will make for an easy transition once pup returns home. Our training is done from a different approach as we train inside a home style environment as opposed to a secluded kennel style environment. Pups will receive plenty of training, exercise, and play time in our secured play area. Training will include exposure to real-world type environments creating a solid, well rounded pup. Safety and security are extremely important to us, which is why all kennels and play areas are equipped with security cameras. There will be two options to choose from with our “board and train” program.

On Leash $800

Option 1 consists of a 2 week course that will teach basic manners by implementing impulse control, socialization, and desensitization. Your dog will acquire skills to manage and redirect established problem behaviors. Cues: Sit, Come when called, Heel, Place. Loose leash walking will be implemented in this course. *NOTE – this option does not give you a “finished” dog. It simply lays the ground work so that over time, with continued training for both you and your pup, you’ll receive maximum results. This course will be best suited for low-energy, highly food driven dogs who are not easily distracted. This is not best for hyperactive dogs or dogs with behavioral or aggressive behaviors.

Off Leash $1600

Option 2 consists of a 4 week off-leash course that will take all accumulated knowledge needed to create a solid structure that creates a sound dog, while implementing the e-collar to provide that off-leash “hands free” type capability. Not only will basic commands be attained. With this option, advancing distances, durations, and distractions will be key to solidifying your rock solid pup.

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