Behavior Modification

Behavior Modification Private Lesson Dog Training $1200 (7 Sessions)

It isn’t uncommon for dogs of all ages to exude some type of unwanted behavior. This can be a stressful time for both you and your dog. This is unfortunately a common reason for dogs to be re homed when owners feel helpless. These behaviors may be seen in the form of aggression, anxiety, or fear and can create an anxious living arrangement. Instances of these actions can be displayed as fighting, biting, or resource guarding. The key to behavioral correction, however, is
to determine the trigger points. What may appear as a form of aggression, could very well have a fearful trigger.

Common types of behavioral issues:
Barking, Biting
Chewing, Leash Reactive
Digging, Fighting
Destructive impulses, Resource Guarding
Inappropriate elimination
Jumping up, Counter Surfing

With our behavioral modification program, we will provide a free consultation which will help
determine a plan that is customized to your dog’s specific needs. This program will consist of
7-1 hour private sessions that will take place at your residence. During this time, your dog will
be exposed to a series of tests to determine a proper diagnosis which is vital to achieving maximum results. Once diagnosis has been established, corrective techniques can then be applied during each encounter. You will acquire knowledge and handling skills allowing you to
continue with training after sessions have been completed. Consistency is key. Remaining consistent will only continue to build the confidence and bond between you and your dog.

Fixing Finn

During this video demonstration, you’re going to witness a dog that has been known to have
dominance aggression with a previous bite history, primarily targeting hands. What you’ll see is that the dog is being exposed to new people, with treats being presented by an outside source
that the dog is unfamiliar with. Treats are being utilized as positive reinforcement, but also
serves as a training tactic where the use of the hand targeting is a primary focus.
The second part of the video is you’ll see self-handling of this same dog. Throughout the
demonstration, this dog is being put through basic obedience with a handler that is different from it’s owner. Unfamiliar handlers had proven to be a difficult task prior to these exercises.
Behavioral modification is possible with the proper diagnosis and training techniques.

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