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Located in the beautiful state of West Virginia.

Instructor Certifications:

Trikos Team Dog: Foundations Course

Trikos Team Dog: Teaching Basic Obedience

Trikos Team Dog: Behavior Modification Course

New Skills Academy:Canine Communication Certification

Logan Haus Kennels: Puppy Imprinting & Development Course

K9 Medic: K9 Handler EMT Certification

Highland Canine Training: Master Dog Trainer Certificate

American Kennel Club Canine College: Canine Good Citizen Evaluator

Secret Security Clearance

First and foremost, I would like to thank you for visiting my page and navigating through the
material. I have invested countless hours into creating content that will provide you with the
most beneficial knowledge for caring and overall maintenance on owning a dog. We truly do
“train to standard”. A little backstory on myself. My name is John Justice and I’m from Man, West Virginia. I’m a United States Army veteran IRAQ/SYRIA. I enlisted i and have traveled all over the world throughout my deployments. I’m a father to a beautiful little girl. In my free time, I’ve always enjoyed all outdoor activities such as fishing, hiking, camping, and hunting. It was during this time that I’d developed an interest in training. As a kid, I spent a lot of time handling hounds from rabbit dogs to coonhounds. Once I became a little older I bought my first German Shepherd. I then began training with local trainers in detection and apprehension. Ultimately, this led to the decision to create a career in doing what I am most passionate about. Thus, Rockhouse K9 was established. I’ve obtained my Master Dog Trainer certification through Highland Canine training. I’ve also attained course certifications in basic obedience, K9 development, puppy imprinting, K9 communication, and K9 Handler EMT. My goal is to develop a full servicing facility to provide standard, advanced, and specialized training courses such as Service Dog ,Detection and much more while also acting as a boarding facility for both short term (daycare) and long term. Our goal at Rockhouse K9 is to provide our clients with the training and knowledge to turn their pet into a well rounded family companion despite age or breed.

John Justice

Owner & Founder of Rockhouse K9

U.S. Army Veteran Iraq/Syria

Master Dog Trainer / Service Dog Trainer /Decoy

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